Actions To Take Right Now to Secure Your Business Against Cyberattacks

  • Use a trusted antivirus software on every connected device and keep it updated.

  • Secure your networks with a firewall and VPN

  • Adopt policies that prohibit bad practices, such as sharing passwords Protect mobile devices with an MDM

  • Adopt a strong passwords policy

  • Employ – without exception -- multi-factor authentication

  • Back up your data to the cloud as well as an off-site location

  • Control physical access to your office or facility, with a mechanism you can audit

  • Use a secure portal to exchange documents with sensitive information

  • Educate employees to improve their awareness and ability to spot scams that will compromise the company. Conduct phishing tests to validate the efficacy of the education.

If you’re concerned about the cybersecurity in your organization, or you just want to know if these vulnerabilities exist on your mail sever, contact us. We can tell you right away what your risks are.

Roark Tech Services offers a free cyber-fit assessment that can determine where your business has vulnerability and help you create a plan around best practices that will not only keep you safe but demonstrate compliance with the State laws.

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