Managed IT Services Myth #2: Large Companies

The myth that Managed IT services are only for large companies is perhaps the most egregious of the myths surrounding IT; in fact, just the opposite is true. Each year, every business, of every size, requires technology to stay effective, efficient and competitive. The myth is likely born from another myth, which is Managed IT services are too costly and only a large company with a big IT budget can afford them. Again, not true. The goal of any company, regardless of size, is to supply outstanding service and turn a profit. Proper IT management helps do this, but also offers quality, control, security and support.


When IT is outsourced, the responsibility shifts to a seasoned and trained professional. It is analogous to hiring an attorney when needed. The personal stake in the outcome is not compromised, but the burden of navigating a complex world is put in the hands of someone qualified to understand it and exploit it to your advantage. Moreover, a specialist in the field will always pay attention to things that often don’t come to mind of many small business leaders, things like architecture, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud services and scalability.


Engaging a Managed Service Provider gives you access to a team of technicians with a broad range of certifications and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies. Most importantly, it’s the job of a Managed Service Provider to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. There is little doubt that the rate of technology change is speeding up every year. Unless it’s your job to stay on top of these changes, just as it’s the job of an accountant to stay on top of the changing tax code, there is little chance you will pay attention to the aspects of change that most impact your business.


Small companies are ideal targets for cyber attackers because they normally have weaker technology protection and lack of resources to properly protect their digital assets. According to a Verizon study, over 28% of data breaches in 2021 involved small businesses. Understanding the proper level of security, the necessary steps to reasonably protect your data and, perhaps most important, who to call when you suspect a cyber intrusion, is key to running an effective and profitable business operation.


Roark Tech Services is a dedicated Managed Service Provider exclusively serving the small business community since 1998. We are experts in what we do and are uniquely qualified to help small businesses stay safe & competitive. Always consult with us first. If you don’t have an IT Partner that you can trust to give you the right support and advice, we’d love to help. Contact us.

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