Save Money By Managing Your Technology Estate

Imagine you just inherited a sprawling estate on the countryside, and you decided to take it over and make it your home. One of the first things you’ll learn when you get there is just how essential the Property Manager is. The Property Manager will tell you all about the home and land’s operation, maintenance, taxes and how oversight is carried out over the entire physical property. The Property Manager knows what needs monitoring and the useful life of any equipment in use. Just as you depend on your Property Manager to ensure your estate is in decent shape, every business today – large and small – depends on their IT Service Provider to manage their technology estate and ensure its run efficiently, economically and purposefully; Your IT Service Provider is your IT Property Manager!


Every business relies on technology to run, interact with customers and suppliers and market their services. Technology is an investment that, if properly configured and managed, yields return in the form of productivity, saved time and lowered cost, not to mention compliance with the State’s laws on data protection and privacy.

IT Estate Management is the responsibility of the IT Service Provider, who oversees all aspects of IT, ensuring the various pieces interact in harmony, the cost for such services is competitive and that support – whether for a simple Helpdesk question or the installation of the latest security patch from Microsoft or Apple is appropriately -- is always available. The IT Service Provider presents the business owner a summary report that enables understanding of the IT investment and the strategic outlook for new investment to keep IT healthy and running efficiently. Effective Estate Management puts information directly into the hands of business owners to allow smarter, more informed decisions to meet tighter budgets.

Estate Management

Estate Management covers a range of areas that form a comprehensive overview of a company’s IT assets including:

  • Infrastructure Management: Maximized uptime and productivity through an infrastructure design that harnesses best-of-breed solutions, stays secure, scalable and resilient. This include understand what is “end-of-life”, “end-of-support” and frequency of patching, especially firmware updates.

  • 24 /7 Helpdesk Services: Ensure around-the-clock support for all the technology the business relies on each day, including: PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones; E-Mail and Website; Virus, Malware & Spam Protection; Remote Computing, Firewall, Web Filtering and Monitoring

  • Cybersecurity: Protection from cyberattacks and ransomware with the right tools and monitoring that fit the unique environment and budget for every business.

  • Cloud Services: The ability to remove the investment and cost in physical equipment, including dedicated space, power, cooling and physical security associated with keeping on-premises hardware.

  • Vendor Management: Contract oversight ensure the cost for services is reasonable, confirms the services are supplied as advertised and automatic renewal is never able to trap a business into a long-term commitment.

  • Business Continuity: Continued operation and data recovery, especially during or after a disaster, is critical and the core part of Business Continuity Planning. Business Continuity solutions protect critical business processes during a time of emergency or disaster, allowing the business to carry on with no loss of productivity or communication.

  • Disaster Recovery: The ability to continue operations in the face of an unplanned event is a mark of a healthy business. When disaster strikes and primary data is lost, solutions that recover data, ensure it is available and allow your business to continue running. 

Estate Management solutions provide a business the opportunity to save money by running efficient, optimized IT with confidence that third-party providers and not taking advantage and that the solutions in place are not less than necessary nor overkill. Ensuing a business has the right tools in place, right for their industry and clients they serve, is key toward keeping cost under control and understanding in advance what the IT investments will yield in the months and years ahead.

Our team of experts are always available to consult with you and ensure the right choice for your unique business. Contact us.

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