The Cloud for Small Business: Security

Ensuring security for your data, and that of your clients, customers, or stakeholders, is not only required, but critical. A comprehensive Cloud Security Program includes a complimentary mix of policies, procedures, technology, and threat management tools. Cloud service providers are obligated to ensure a safe infrastructure and protect the user’s data and applications. However, even if you are working with a trusted service provider such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, there is still more you need to do to protect your data and customer’s privacy. Policies & Procedures

Cloud Policies & Procedures

Effective policies and procedures establish how information is stored, retrieved and the rules that govern how it is handled and by whom. It is essential that security policies are designed to keep employees aware of the latest threats and how to best protect themselves and the firm from malicious hackers.

This includes a formal Data Leakage Prevention (“DLP”) policy for email, data, and remote access. Education, policies, and procedures are the most effective and cost-efficient means toward protecting your data. Technology Solutions

Two-Factor Authentication

Technologies, including administrative controls, physical security, logical controls, organizational standards, and other safeguarding techniques limit access to unauthorized or malicious users or processes.

One example is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Also called multiple-factor or multiple-step verification, it is an authentication mechanism to double check that your identity is legitimate. It requires two verification factors, a password and a second factor, usually an authenticator code on a mobile device to login. This ensures that a hacker cannot gain access to your account with only a password. Threat Management


A computer security approach in an organization that deals with all forms of unwanted intrusions, including attacks on computer systems, malware of all kinds and even spam. There are a broad range of cost-effective methods and tools to protect your small business, including: Network Monitoring, Intrusion Detection, Web Filtering, Next Generation Firewalls, Data Encryption and Reporting. Our team of experts are always available to consult with you and ensure the right choice for your unique business. Contact us.

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