Video Conferencing Software Considerations

There is no singular tool in the video conferencing space that will prove the ideal solution for every situation and need of every organization. That is why it is important to understand your organization’s requirements before researching or shopping. Even firms in the same industry and segment can have vastly different needs and constraints, especially when it comes to cost and quality. 

Before you commit to a service, take the time to determine your organization’s functional needs and identify hardware requirements.

Where to Start?  The array of features among the leading video conferencing tools available right now can prove overwhelming.From Zoom to Google to Microsoft, there is a lot of competition in this space. Don’t seek to find the “best” solution, seek the best solution for your organization


Protecting your organization should always remain at the top of the list. End-to-end encryption ensures no one can hack into your video stream. Multi-factor authentication and advanced encryption are becoming more and more popular as video conferencing scrutiny picks up.


A solution that requires everyone to have the same devices, setup and equipment is probably not a good solution for a small business.  Look for a tool that spans devices, operating systems and a location-centric requirement. A solution that integrates with some of your existing tools is ideal, allowing collaboration to expand.


Any solution that requires extraordinary cost to implement, operate and support is not likely to serve the organization’s long-term needs. With so much competition and the increasing availability of free trails, it’s prudent to find a solution that doesn’t require significant cost before you start using it.

Ease of Use

Nothing will make you more unpopular than deploying a video conferencing solution that users have a hard time using. The most elegant solutions are simple and while there is always some degree of a learning curve, the best solution should allow the least-tech savvy folks in your organization to use video conferencing with reliability and consistency.


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